NFPA 70E – Training – OSHA – Electric Safety Classes

Electrical Safety in the Workplace NFPA 70E training for qualified and non-qualified people On-Site classes anywhere Nationwide Public classes close to you

On-Line NFPA 70E Classes

This is a very serious subject. If you are making a training decision for yourself, others, or your company, it is very important that you read this.

2-Day NFPA 70E Class

This is the industry standard for qualified employees and supervisors

1-Day NFPA 70E Class for Non-Qualified employees and ot hers

Unqualified employees shall be trained in and familiar with and electrical safety-related practices necessary for their safety. This class is for unqualified employees so they will know what electrical hazards are, what can they do to you, and how to avoid them.

1-Day NFPA 70E Class Review

This is a great class to cover the code requirements for annual re-training for people who have previously received training

3-Day NFPA 70E Train-The- Trainer Class

This class is for those who want to teach qualified and non-qualified people on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

10-Hour OCILB Code Class

This is a continuing education class for Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB) to renew any OCILB License

Any of the above classes will also provide OCILB ceu credit

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